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TTA in the News: TTA Featured in Equity in Motion Podcast

This episode dives into the issues of social equity and job access for Trinity Metro, the Fort Worth transit system. Rachel Albright and Andre McEwing from the Tarrant Transit Alliance join Dr. Faye Beaulieu from United Way of Tarrant County to talk about the struggles and triumphs of connecting vulnerable populations with jobs and economic empowerment through reliable transit service. They share insights on the region's political climate for mass transit, and make both a business and a socioeconomic argument for transit as enduring civic infrastructure. They also introduce listeners to the concept of Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) households that subsist above the Federal Poverty Level but below a more realistic threshold of basic income survival. ALICE Riders make up a considerable portion of many transit agencies' core ridership, and must therefore be a robust voice in policy and routing discussions.

**Data Correction: During the discussion, Ms. Albright accidentally misquoted the United Way ALICE Report. She stated that Tarrant County had 36% of homes considered ALICE and another 11% in poverty for a total of 47%. The correct figure is 25% in ALICE and 11% in poverty, for a total of 36%.


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