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Announcing Brad Lonberger - TTA Secretary

Brad Lonberger, Chief Strategist for Place Strategies, has stepped up to the plate to be TTA’s Board Secretary! Brad Lonberger, AIA, AICP, CNU-A, is an architect, urban designer and policy mechanic, focused on creating inviting and walkable spaces for real communities. His work has paved the way for top-rated walkable neighborhoods and downtowns that are cherished by residents and visitors alike. Brad has built a brand of implementation excellence, balancing the predictability that cities want with the flexibility that developers need. He is often mediating (translating) between municipal staff and developers to present old and new ideas to improve aging infrastructure and catalyze private reinvestment. Brad has crafted a recipe for success for each of his client communities that builds on their culture while expanding their opportunities and investment profile. Brad has been part of the Tarrant Transit Alliance since our inception, and we are beyond excited to have him take on an officer role!


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