The TTA Transit Academy is designed to equip everyone - from engaged community members to private- & public-sector leaders - with the tools to lead conversations about the value of multimodal transit across the region and the emerging mass transit options that can address our mobility needs in Tarrant County.

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This course is considered introductory, and no previous education or experience is needed.


  1. Participants will discover Tarrant County's current transit systems' physical, social, and economic reality through a series of lectures and panel discussions with historians, transit planning professionals, stakeholder representatives, and actual transit users; as well as through applied scenario activities designed to increase awareness and empathy of the rider's choices and experience. Participants will be able to identify why users might choose to use (or not use) transit in Tarrant County and speak to the system's strengths and shortcomings.

  2. Participants will contextualize legislative initiatives within the current transit system's needs, as well as local, regional, and state-level planning efforts to identify how various entities are attempting to study and address systemic deficiencies and limitations, through a series of lectures and facilitated conversations with planning and lobbying professionals.

  3. Participants will compare and contrast the local transit systems and planning initiatives with analogous cities to evaluate alternative & future options to meet our region's deficiencies, within the context of funding restrictions, through a series of lectures, conversations, and group dissections with planning professionals across the state and nation.

  4. Participants will be able to differentiate outreach and community organizing efforts that merely "check the box" from actions that have an effective, creative and strategic impact by using guidelines of effective coalition-building and community organizing presented by community organizers and outreach professionals.

  5. Through facilitated strategic planning activities, participants will identify how they can impact the shortcomings of the local transit system by applying their knowledge of the historical, economic, and social reality of the transit systems, their awareness of current local and regional initiatives, and their understanding of effective coalition efforts. Participants will develop a concrete set of next steps, with the knowledge and resources to make them happen.

We are excited to announce that we are offering both AIA CEU and AICP CM credits!


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"The Transit Academy was my first opportunity to look at transportation through the eyes of all of the stakeholders. In fact, while I was vaguely aware of most stake holders, the experience at the Transit Academy brought them all into focus as well as the essential 'give and take' that is necessary for transit systems to meet community needs. Given the amount of information available through the Academy and on line, I might just sign up for the virtual experience so that I can pick up thoughts I may have missed the first time through."

- Past Academy Participant

"The Transit Academy was a great experience! Many of the speakers opened my eyes to previously unknown issues. The speakers were high quality and interesting."

- Past Academy Participant

"I’ve participated in the Transit Academy twice, and each time I leave knowing more than I did before and feeling invigorated for transit advocacy. The sessions are comprehensive, interactive, and curated to truly relevant topics. On top of all that you learn, the Transit Academy provides the opportunity for connecting with other transit advocates from all over the community. It’s an incredible opportunity to prioritize conversations about mobility needs and access. This experience has been invaluable to me both personally and now professionally as I recently transitioned into working within the transit industry myself. Participating will not only equip you with the tools to effectively discuss transit issues, but also inspire you to intentionally advocate for the support transit needs."

- Past Academy Participant