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We Need Your Help Advocating for Local Transit Improvements

Chad Edwards recently presented Trinity Metro's budget proposal to the CoFW Infrastructure Committee asking for an additional ~$10 million in city funding to complete specific projects that would improve areas throughout town. Trinity Metro broke it down in detail just exactly how that funding will be spent.

This proposal will do the following:

1. Increase frequency through McCart & Crosstown corridors

2. Implement new route networks

3. Improve transit signage

4. Improve the East Transfer Center

5. Create a Southeast Zip Zone

6. Major improvements to ADA & sidewalks in various areas

7. Create express service from East Transfer Center to Alliance

8. Continue the Alliance Zip Zone

9. Create an “Amazon Route”

10. Install Solar Panels @ bus shelters

How You Can Help:

Contact your City Council Member and ask them to please support this budget proposal, especially if one of these improvements will be of benefit to you, your customers, family, employees, or neighbors.

We always recommend that you write your own email, but if you need help drafting a letter, we have created an example to help you get started. It doesn’t have to be long, what matters is that you make sure your representative knows that this is important to you. Check out this draft for a good place to start.

If you aren’t sure what council district you live in, you can look it up with the tool below!


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