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Session 1 of the 2022 Transit Academy - Complete!

Here’s to the first session of the Transit Academy that took place on Monday!

At this session, we opened with a discussion about commonly held concepts around public Transit in Tarrant County.

Next, students were treated to a presentation by Quentin McGown who is a sixth-generation Texan and fourth-generation Fort Worth attorney with a lifelong interest in history and has written several books on the subject of Fort Worth history. Quentin guided the students through the past to better understand our relationship with transportation from a historical lens.

After a brief break, we had the pleasure to hear from a panel of transit planning experts - Brad Lonberger of Place Strategies, Phil Dupler of Trinity Metro, Greg Hladik of the University of Texas at Arlington, Ann Foss of the City of Arlington, and moderator, James Wood of Trinity Metro.

The class ended with a series of Q&As and an announcement of what is to come in the next session on April 18.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us, both in the room and on zoom, to UTA for sponsoring the Transit Academy and to Jeff Davis for sponsoring this session.


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