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How TTA Empowered in 2021

The core of our advocacy efforts is education, empowerment, and mobilization of our community to promote transit policy that serves our entire region.

How did we empower our community in 2021? We have been growing our base - celebrating a 17% increase in our coalition this year. We also recently built and launched a new custom website focused on accessibility and advocacy engagement. Most excitedly, we conducted an Urban Furniture Design Competition to improve the ridership experience in the Glen Park neighborhood - in partnership with APTA, DBIA, and TCC.

The winning project was designed by Dahlia Garcia, a Tarrant County College Student, and Dahlia’s cousin Jose Rodriguez, a Packaging Designer and 2020 graduate of TTA’s Transit Academy. We are now in the process of manufacturing these designs and installing them in the community!

Learn more about the project at

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