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Beyond the Bus: Transit Racial Justice

Transportation access has long collided with trends of racial inequity. We honor and celebrate Juneteenth by continuing to take a critical look at our past and push forward our commitment to dismantle racist systems.

“Transit advocacy is about a lot more than transit. We may spend billions on a new light rail system, but if spending on the unhoused is insufficient, the trains will be full of homeless people. If communities shirk their duty to build and maintain sufficient affordable housing, displacement will remove those that most need and most use the adjacent transit service. What is defined as a “transit issue” is now inclusive of the effective provision of all municipal services, as transit does not operate in a vacuum. A political action committee dedicated to the broader policy environment, while crafting messages and strategies more inclusive of voters of color, is necessary.” - Darnell Grisby, Director of Policy Development and Research at the American Public Transportation Association.

Let’s continue to invest in and support an equitable future.

Here are a few additional resources to learn more about the role transit plays in racial justice:

A letter from our Board Chair, Andre McEwing:⁠


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