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Enjoy 25% off Trinity Metro Transit Passes!


With your membership in the Tarrant Transit Alliance, you get the benefits of receiving a 25% discount on Trintiy Metro transit tickets!

  • Access to dependable transportation

  • Eliminate parking expenses and hassles

  • Improve physical and mental health

  • Reduce stress, vehicle wear-and-tear, and traffic congestion

  • Safer than individual vehicles

New in 2022:

  • More ticket options are included now! In addition to monthly and annual tickets, you now have access to 25% off 1-day and 7-day tickets too with a minimum purchase of at least 12.

  • Pricing for tickets is still 25% off.

    • One Day (Local only)- $3.25

    • Seven Day (Local only)- $18.75

    • Monthly (Local or Regional)- $60 or $144 

    • Annual (Local or Regional)- $600 or $1440 for the entire year (ask for prorated pricing if purchasing after January​

To Order Tickets:

Associates who choose to purchase monthly and annual tickets will still be able to do so through the EASYRIDE tickets website and enter your TTA promo code* to gain access to the ticket store.

*To access the promo code,

sign in to the Advocates area of our website.

To purchase the 1 and 7-day tickets, as well as the monthly and annual tickets, simply go to Fort Worth Central Station (1001 Jones St.) or coordinate through

EASYRIDE Physical Locations

You may make in-person payment and receive annual EASYRIDE ticket distribution at the following location: 

Fort Worth Central Station

1001 Jones Street (9th & Jones, Downtown)

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Monday – Friday (6 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Saturday (8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Metered parking available

Want to offer EASYRIDE at your Organization? 


Trinity Metro EASYRIDE is a corporate/community partner program that provides transit discounts to Tarrant County organizations and their associates. The program allows organizations to offer transit discounts as a part of their benefits package while saving money.


Getting started is easy! Trinity Metro has select plan options to meet your specific business needs. It costs nothing to join the program, and once your organization completes an agreement with Trinity Metro, your EASYRIDE Ambassador will receive registration instructions, along with a unique code. Then you and your associates are on your way to receiving a 25% discount on transit tickets! Trinity Metro will also provide additional resources for you to promote the program.

Organization Benefits

  • Improve employee recruitment and retention

  • Offer transit discounts as part of benefits package

  • Improve productivity and reduce tardiness

  • Reduce traffic congestion and air pollution

  • Reduce parking costs and capacity needs

  • Show commitment to sustainability

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