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We have now updated the guide to reflect the results of the May 2021 Election.


We invite you to take a moment to look at the TTA 2021 Tarrant County Voters Guide!

We heard from over 50 candidates from 12 Tarrant County cities who are all running for local seats in the May 2021 election. 

If you care about transit and how it impacts your local community, we encourage you to take a moment to get to know these candidates.

Use the tables below to read more about the candidates who answered our candidate questionnaire.  You can use the "Filter" and "Sort" tools at the top of the table (and the search tool at the top right of the table) to find the candidates in your council district. Click on a candidate's answer box to expand their information and read their full answers.

For ease of maneuvering, we have broken out the table further into City of Fort Worth Candidates, Arlington Candidates, and Other Tarrant County Candidates.




TTA Members were invited to score the candidates' answers based on their understanding/awareness of transit and transit-related issues, support of public transit, and their vision for the future. Scoring closed on April 15.


These ratings do not reflect a single person or group within TTA. Instead, these anonymous results are an average rating of all TTA members' responses. These scores do not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate by the Tarrant Transit Alliance and we encourage you to read the candidates' responses and decide how you would rate them.

If you have specific questions about the scores, please contact

Fort Worth Candidates

City of Fort Worth Candidates

Arlington Candidates

City of Arlington Candidates

Other Tarant County Candidates

Other Tarrant County Candidates

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