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Today is Transit Equity Day

The image shows a picture of a Trinity Metro bus seat with a sign on it. The sign has a black & white picture of Rosa Parks and reads, “This seat is reserved in honor of Rosa Parks.” Below the picture it reads, “On Transit Equity Day and through Black History Month, Trinity Metro is proud to pay tribute to Rosa Parks and to all who made a seat available for everyone.” There is a picture of Trinity Metro’s logo, followed by a statement that reads, “Trinity Metro’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, customer focused and fiscally responsible public transportation services to the citizens of Tarrant County. YOU are welcome on board.”

Today is Transit Equity Day and Rosa Parks’ Birthday! Transit Equity Day highlights the rights of all people to high-quality public transportation powered by clean/renewable energy to combat climate change and segregation. Have you spotted Trinity Metro's tribute to Rosa Parks on the bus today?

Learn more about how racism has shaped public transit inequalities in America and join the movement on how to change it. (Source)


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