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Through our work with the Tarrant Transit Alliance and Farm&City, we have come to realize that pro-transit work, no matter how locally, does not happen in a vacuum. Moreover, we are all affected by the lack of support for transit funding at the state level. We identified an opportunity to collaborate and coordinate efforts between advocacy groups to elevate transit throughout the state of Texas, and held our first council meeting on May 15th.

This council is a place where advocacy organizations can share:

  • Best practices, skills, and resources (e.g., Equitable Public Outreach, Educational events, etc.)

  • Opportunities for coordination for state policy changes that relate to transit

  • Local advocacy strategies

So far, the council has discussed how to advocate effectively for transit during the pandemic, participation in National Transit advocacy efforts, lobbying for state-level transit funding, effective funding and campaigning strategies, bus electrification, and working at the MPO level.

Our next meeting is June 12th.


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