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How can your vote move transit forward?⁠

A vote for a transit-friendly candidate is a vote for someone who understands the complexity behind the planning of a multi-modal transit system, who is supportive of, and who conducts their business with an equity lens - not just racial equity, but income equity, ability equity, gender equity, etc. This person understands the relationship between access, our public infrastructure, the jobs market, and the economic development opportunities of our city. ⁠

Don’t forget to review our Tarrant County Run-Off Voters Guide at before early run-off voting on May 24.⁠

As a reminder, the candidate ratings are an average rating of all TTA members' responses. These scores do not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate by the Tarrant Transit Alliance. We encourage you to read the candidates responses and decide how you would have rated them.⁠


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