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I'm currently on Day 4 of my car-diet journey and am already learning a ton... like how easy it is to hop on a bus if you know the schedule, the importance of planning ahead, and the importance of sunscreen!

Making sure you have a good idea each morning of where you need to be and when is key. Luckily, you can work on your schedule while waiting for the bus!

So far, I've walked a total 13 miles, taken the bus 6 times, used Lyft twice, and gotten a ride once. I've had to adjust my grocery shopping a bit and just pick up a little bit at a time as I walk home (luckily my stop is near a store!) I've discovered new shops along the way, cool houses in my neighborhood I've never noticed before, and met some very friendly people on the bus.

Bonus of walking home after your workout: Enjoying an Alchemy Pops Popsicle

I've also experienced some of the discomfort of walking home in the dark without a sidewalk near a busy street, the stress of not knowing exactly when the bus would arrive, and the anxiety of when I need to pull the yellow line on the bus to request a stop. All great learning experiences.... and let me tell you, I'm glad it hasn't rained yet!

Compare and contrast two different bus stops - one is shaded, under a tree with a bench. The other is ... none of those things!

I know that hundreds of people are living car-free in Fort Worth right now, so my experience isn't particularly special, but making this transition has already opened my eyes to the possibilities of what our city could look like with improvements to our transit system.

And it was a little scary to get started, ya know? (kind of like being the new kid in the cafeteria.... where do I sit? what if someone is mean to me?) But, like most new things, once you do it a few times it becomes easier.

I hope that my experience encourages others to try alternative modes of travel and to get to know their street, neighborhood, and city better.

Look at this cool house with its James-Bond-Villian garage on the side of the hill!

Me on the bus. Not pictured: The sunburn I acquired walking back home without sunscreen

A cute community garden I passed on my way to workout

Car-Free Counter - 04/04/2019

Miles Walked = 13 mi Bus Rides = 6 Rides Received / TNC Rides = 3


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