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Glen Park Project Update - TTA Speaks on Behalf of Project to Fort Worth City Council

Photos Courtesy of Jonathan Guadian

On April 5, 2022, representatives from the Tarrant Transit Alliance and TCC spoke at Fort Worth City Council on behalf of the Glen Park Project, requesting a fee waiver for the encroachment agreement.

Speakers included Tarrant Transit Alliance Past Chair Andre McEwing, Board Member Jonathan Guadian, 2021 Ridership Committee Chair Sadie Murray, and Robert Ford - a teacher at TCC.

You can read about their comments from the embedded tweets below.

Thank you to Sadie, Jonathan, Andre, and Bob for speaking on behalf of this project, to the City of Fort Worth City Council for receiving our comments, to Transportation Public Works for helping us along the way, to Trintiy Metro for supporting this project and pushing it forward, and to Tarrant County College for their assistance in the manufacturing of the design!


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