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Call to Action - HB 2219

Calling all transit advocates: Have you heard about the two transportation bills making their way through legislation?

HB 2219 would reauthorize the issuance of Texas Mobility Fund (TMF) obligations, allowing the fund to operate as intended by Texas voters. In 2001, a constitutional amendment to issue debt was approved by voters, and the Legislature dedicated certain revenues including vehicle title, inspection, and driver's license fees to the TMF, which secured the debt. As Texas grows, so does the gap in funding for vital transportation projects, which amounts to several billion dollars each year.

The bill would allow the Texas Transportation Commission to use the $3 billion in borrowing capacity in the TMF to help close that gap and finance vital infrastructure. The traditional pay-as-you-go funding for transportation has not been enough to cover the costs of transportation projects as the state's population and the number of vehicles grow. Texas will not catch up if it does not innovate its transportation financing methods.

H.B. No. 2222 consists of the Texas Department of Transportation, in consultation with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, conducting a study on the state’s projected transportation needs and costs and the resulting benefits of meeting those needs for the year 2045.

Do you want to learn more about the bills making their way through legislation, petition the state legislation or get involved with TTA by joining a committee or making a donation? Visit

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