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Beyond the bus: what modes of transportation are included in the term “transit”?

When you hear the word “transit” do you think of just buses? Or buses and trains? The term “transit” encompasses buses, light rail, subways, commuter trains, streetcars and trolleys, cable cars, vanpool services, ferries and water taxis, paratransit services for senior citizens and people with disabilities, monorails, and tramways... oh my!

That's just the tip of the iceberg! Transit sits in a complex web of other issues including infrastructure, housing, land-use practices, and so much more! We have decided to take on all (or most of) the transit fun factoids in our new series “Beyond the Bus”.

[Image Description:] A cartoon rendering of a bus that says, ‘Beyond the’ on the hood and ‘Bus’ in the windows of the bus. The bus is driving over a sketched quarter of a globe.


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