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Beyond the Bus: First Mile and Last Mile Problems and Solutions⁠

Traditional public transit—bus, light rail, and metro—works best in dense downtowns and inner suburbs. Those networks have often left large gaps toward lower-density neighborhoods, forcing passengers to use their own vehicles or walk long distances for the “first and last mile”—the distance between getting to/from bus and rail stops. First- and last-mile (FM/LM) gaps mean poor service and access. Finding solutions to the FM/LM problem can boost transit ridership and offer a more efficient way for riders to get around. ⁠

Trinity Metro has a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to FM/LM solutions like @Fort Worth Bike Sharing and ZipZones. Though these options are not the perfect solution to the problem, they are steps in the right direction. Have you used these FM/LM solutions to get to public transit options?

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