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Image description: 'Title states: '3rd Place Goes To...' with an image of a bus shelter on. The top left image says, 'The Glen Park Bus Shelters;, and an image of a rectangular bus stop with a woman laying on the bench looking at her phone and a gentleman in a wheelchair in business attire sitting to the right of the structure under the awning. The bottom left image depicts the bottom of the shelter with a dog laying next to the shelter in the shade. The image to the right are line images that are the orthographic views of the bus structure proposal. The bottom announces the 3rd place winner, Logan Rodgers from The University of Texas - Austin.

Image description: 'Title states: '2nd Place Goes To...'. The two images are on top of a blue background. The left image is of a bench in a T shape with a flower planter in the center of the T. There is a circular canopy coming up from the back of the bench. There are two silhouettes sitting on the bench on either side of the flower planter. It sits on the grass near a sidewalk and the storefront of a Family Dollar is in the background. The image on the right is of the same structure in three different angles; front view, side view, and an angled view. At the bottom of the image is the title, 'La Ola'. The bottom of the image lists the names and schools of the 2nd place team: James Lawrence, Tuesday Alonso, Morgan Brown, Sarah Hamzeh, Stephan Wettermark and Scott Williams. University of North Texas, University of Texas - Alington, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, Iowa State University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Image description: 'Title states: 'Dahlia Garcia and Jose Rodriguez: Tarrant County College and University of Texas - Arlington'. The three images are on top of a moving confetti background. The Top image is of a brown and grey bus stop structure with two side walls, a roof, two benches under the roof and a handicap spot for wheelchair users. There is '25 Miller and Pierce' on the side of one of the structure walls. The bottom left image is of the same structure angled to the right, with one person with white shoes, grey pants and a black shirt standing facing away under the structure. Another woman is walking away from the structure in a black dress and grey fanny pack. The bottom right image is of the same structure angled to the left, with a man in grey pants and a light grey tops sitting on the bench under the shelter. A woman with black pants and orange top stands outside the structure. All images are drawings/renderings. Bottom text reads: '1st Place Winner'.

Thank you to all the participating teams, and congratulations to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners!


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