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This week, many of you are working from home, maybe for the first time. Some of you are experiencing the challenge of navigating shifting roles between employee, parent, and teacher in cramped environments. Many are worried about what these changes mean for your family, job, employees, and the community as a whole.

While many of you are working from home, navigating your children’s needs with your business’s needs, many others can no longer work. The end of the month is coming, groceries need to be purchased, medications need to be filled. Others can no longer go out - they are older or immunocompromised. Many in our community live paycheck to paycheck and are one disaster away from no longer being able to provide for their families. Our community is suddenly experiencing shifts in our autonomy and in the systems on which we rely.

Still, others provide essential social services and who HAVE to go into work. Even if it compromises their health or the health of their family. Transit drivers are included in this heroic bunch. The Trinity Metro team has agreed to continue to provide the critical service of moving people around for as long as possible during this challenging time. We would like to thank all of the Trinity Metro transit team, with a special appreciation to the many transit drivers, for their indiscriminate professionalism to ensure the safe mobility for the thousands of transit riders.

During this crisis, the fragility of our community becomes more defined. The essential need of access becomes more clearly understood. Without access, how do we get food? Without access, how do we get medical care? Who do we rely upon to help us gain access to these things? Many reading this have access to your own personal vehicle, but are, perhaps, experiencing what limited access feels like for the first time.

So, we want to personally thank the helpers for all that they do, now more than ever. Thank you, grocery store clerks, for giving us access to food. Thank you, social workers & non-profit care providers, for giving us access to resources. Thank you, medical professionals, for giving us access to healthcare. … and Thank you, Transit Drivers, for giving us ACCESS. The next 2 weeks will be difficult. The entire Tarrant Transit Alliance board and membership is available to support and serve the Tarrant County Community in any way that we can during these challenging times directly related to health. Well wishes to all of you,

Andre McEwing Chairman Tarrant Transit Alliance

Rachel Albright President Tarrant Transit Alliance


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